Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Photo Gallery!

Dick Glasgow on the Fiddle
Playing Banjo on stage as guests of the Thurso Folk Festival, 
on the north coast of Scotland back around 1980
with Mike Whelans (Bodhran) Desi Wilkinson (Flute) and Joe Thoma (Fiddle).
Playing my Anglo Concertina at a concert in Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, 
with our group The Moving McLeods in 1992 along with
Peter Cunningham, Kenny Hadden, Gillian Scott & Ron Pirrie.
Playing with a young student for a TV Advert by Ballintoy Harbour
Playing on stage with 'Scad the Beggars' 
for the Maritime Festival in Belfast
Playing at the Dalriada Concert at the Folk Festival in Campbeltown
Playing on stage at the Giants Causeway, 
for the Causeway Dulcimer Festival in 2005
Playing my Nyckelharpa in the House of McDonnell, Ballycastle
Playing with Sabine, my wife, 
for an event in the Ulster American Folk Park
Playing with Sabine at the Folk Festival 
in the Ulster American Folk Park
Playing my Hammered Dulcimer 
for a BBC Radio Ulster recording
Playing my Hammered Dulcimer 
in a local Primary School
Fiddling on stage at the Causeway Dulcimer Festival in Bushmills
Playing my English Concertina here for a Wedding Reception,
with Sam Fleming (Northumbrian Pipes) and Riley Piddington (Guitar)
On the set of the movie
'The Boys and Girl from County Clare'
in which I played the Fiddle in the opening scene
* * * * *
A Video of the start of that movie.
* * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

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